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Restaurant Review: The Select on “Atlanta Eats”

Click above to watch the “Atlanta Eats” video review of The Select Restaurant + Bar in Sandy Springs that aired on July 13, 2019. The video features diners explaining why they love the restaurant, plus interviews with The Select’s General Manager, Dave Green, and Chef Matthew Rainey. A transcript of the review appears below.

Video Transcript

Lady diner 1: We are so excited to have this. Came in tonight because I just heard about it and we have fallen in love immediately!

Lady diner 2: Good wine, a nice selection, a nice atmosphere and that’s it!

Dave Green, The Select owner: It’s contemporary continental cuisine with a French twist. We’ve taken a lot of food from the olive belt from Spain all the way across to Italy and we’ve made it a little bit of our own.

Matthe Rainey, chef:  To me it means light refreshing, nothing heavy, no cream-based, very new type of cuisine.

Dave Green: Even the fried oysters are surprisingly light and bright. 

Lady diner 3: All of it’s good. It all looks remarkable. I mean it really feels like you’re watching your own Food Show. It’s amazing.

Chef Rainey: I love to cook because it’s an art form. I’ve been involved in cooking when I was a kid, just watching Jacques Pepin and Julia Child on TV coming home from school. I was like that’s it, that’s what I want to do with my life.

Dave Green: The Select is a take off of a restaurant that was in Paris, Le Select, and Le Select was where all the expatriates gathered. It was after World War I. And so what we wanted to do was to pay homage to that period in time when culture was being reinvented.

Lady diner 4: Love the vibe, love the lighting,  the bar being separate over here with the couches. Just a great place to hang out.

Lady diner 5: There’s a lot of liveliness going on and it’s really nice.

Dave Green: We wanted to make it upscale but casual. It has a little bit of Great Gatsby kind of feel, 20’s feel, but also has the zinc bar like you find in Paris all over the place.

Lady diner 4: I really love the decor, I think the lighting is great, you want to take a picture the moment you get here. I love the pops of green anywhere, the birds are amazing.  I think it’s a great accent.

Lady diner 6: It’s very open, very airy.

Lady diner 4: We’re here to talk about what’s going on in our lives and also (laughs) we’re here to forget about what’s going on in our lives.

Dave Green: The most popular dish that we have already is the Miso Sea Bass and everybody is just raving about it. 

Chef Rainey: We use a very low acidic olive oil so it allows us to not overpower the fish. It’s marinated in white miso and sake. We’re going to pan roast it and then we’re gonna cook it with baby bok choy, some pickle shiitakes and then orange miso sauce.

Dave Green: Our chef is our star and all of our line cooks, and they’re performing their talents right there in front of people, so that was the original intent of the entire design. 

Chef Rainey: When you have an open door they get to see everything. It’s a great feeling, you get to actually see the response of people when they’re eating it so that’s a reward because that’s what we do. We are in the hospitality industry and that’s what it’s all about.

Lady diner 4: The food is amazing, the appetizers were phenomenal, so I suggest to order the crab and order the ahi tuna. 

Male diner 1: The duck meatballs is fantastic, the spice on them, they’re very lean, they got a nice little barbecue style sauce on them, really good.

Dave Green: You can choose to just eat a bunch of small plates, you can have a wonderful salad, or you can have one of these great entrees that they’ve come up with.

Lady diner 7: I’ve had the beet salad, I’ve eaten the sea bass a couple times, it’s really good.

Lady diner 3: We did the meat and cheese tray, which was delicious. There was some very mild blue cheese which was wonderful, some jams and a pate and a couple different cured meats.

Male diner 1: Really good wine selection for wine people. 

Lady diner 8: We even found out that you can get a rosé on draft I didn’t even know that was possible.

Dave Green: We wanted to make sure there were very  approachable wines, you wanted to make sure that there are very big wines, because we have people coming in here that are going to go over to the Performing Arts Center for a show and we have people coming right off of the park during a concert. This beautiful place has been built here and you have this beautiful City Hall park, the apartments, the retail segment and the performing arts,  and it’s just the whole thing, it has an energy all of its own.

Lady Diner 4: Love it, you can go and shop across the street, come in here for a great drink and great food. It looks like a great place to bring your family as well.

Lady Diner 9: This is just fabulous, what they’ve done, it’s just like walking area, a green space, excellent restaurants, theaters, it’s awesome.

Dave Green: What’s going on in that park is the community is coming together, that’s the gathering place for the community, and that’s what we wanted to be. So we wanted to attach to that, physically attach to that, and I think that it speaks for itself, and with the windows opening up, you get all of that energy from the park, you get the kids out there playing at times, and then you get the concert music at times.

Lady diner 10: Fun, atmosphere, good wine. The space is just beautiful.

Lady diner 2: And it has been truly excellent. There have been people all over making sure everything has been wonderful for us.

Chef Rainey: I like to give and take care of people and this is the best way that I know how is by creating that moment.

Dave Green: I meet so many great people. I think that when you’re giving to the community it is very fulfilling to your soul.

Title: The Select, 6405 Blue Stone Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 —


5pm – 10pm

10am – 3pm

Daily 4pm – 5pm

Mon-Sat 10pm – 12am


6405 Blue Stone Rd Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30328

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